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My name is Nick Zivkovic, and you’ve reached my remote outpost on the web. I am a programmer with a very passionate interest in systems software. Though, when I need a breath of fresh air, I sometimes venture upstack. See below for some of my coding and writing.


SmartOS Administration Blog

Description: A blog about SmartOS system administration. Covers the basics an outsider would need to get started as well as some more advanced stuff.

Pages: smartosadmin.wordpress.com


Slab List Data Structure

Description: The Slab List is a new, original, multipurpose data structure suitable for use on sorted and unsorted data. It’s designed to use as little memory as possible — competing data structures use anywhere from 2 times to 5 times more memory (depending on the structure). Logarithmic time access and modification, when sorting. As far as performance goes, competing data structures are either marginally faster or marginally slower (we’re talking a few percentage points).

Pages: Check out the Slab List project page and repository. For those intrigued by — but unfamiliar with — the art of making data structures, let me gently caution you that it’s not easy — but it is rewarding.


Description: Illumetrics is a project initiated by my colleague and I, to track the vital signs of the Illumos community — of which I’ve been a part of for 5 or so years.

Pages: It’s still in the prenatal stages. Check out the main page and repository. If you’re into bus-factors and power-laws check out this analysis on illumos productivity and bus factor.


Description: Pragmapress is a collection of command-line tools that allow one to use the wordpress.com website from the command line. It is designed to streamline the workflow of writing multiple blogs.

Pages: Check out the code.